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Designer / Tahiya Hossain

In collaboration with LVMH / Maison/0 for IUCN Congress for Nature 2021 

Licensee and project owned by LVMH

This project is a call for alternatives to chemical dyes and toxic waste in our industry. Macro Algae is a viable source to habitant natural pigments from our ocean and local rivers. The diverse species of pigments from this project was locally sourced in the UK from macro algae farmers. 

Bringing Macro Algae dye methods into luxury fashion to allow us to re-design our system opens up a new door of opportunities for sustainability and ethics within our practices. 


Among the many sustainable benefits, Macro Algae is a vital source of carbon sequestration for our ocean. In order to store our atmosphere's carbon and combat climate change, the more care and attention we provide our macro algae, the healthier our planet becomes. 

Presented in IUCN Congress for Nature September 3-11, 2021 in Marseilles, France

Photography by Paul Cochrane


Collection of red, pink, green, and blue on natural silk 

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